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Going Potty - or how wrong can you be?

For once we had arrived early at Bernie's cafe and were sitting waiting for the arrival of Richard who had arranged the hire of all the gear. In walked an elderly looking gentleman, my immediate thoughts were that it being remembrance Sunday, this chap has probably called in for a cup of tea on his way to the village gathering. He sits on the end of our table and seems very polite. Jim Cunningham turns up and the gentleman's eyes light up, maybe they were in the trenches together? 'Hi Jim good to see you', he says , eyes positively sparkling. 'We've been doing a bit of digging down by the old swimming baths, we're three weeks in now and av'e managed to divert the stream by installing a hundred yards of four inch pipe, recon we're onto a new passage'! The chap turns out to be an ex Happy Wanderer (demon digger) pal of Jim's and a retired leader of the local rescue team!

Fast forward five hours and we are exiting from Calf Pot having gone through it to Brown Ghyll and back again. A nice pot with a lovely entrance via abseil, a walk under water (err ....... a waterfall actually) some nice passages and a rather tight squeeze and a wiggle through a passage (just keep thinking Kate Humble folks!). Out into the late afternoon sun where its perishingly cold, a quick change and down to the Crown in Houghton for a swift drink before tea at the Marton Arms.

Another excellent day's potholing, LMC style. As ever, special thanks to Stuart, Alf and Ken of Earby PHC who were our guides and advisors. Not forgetting the fifteen LMC members who turned out and of course to Richard for organising it. Tip of the day, The suit and knee pads I hired from Bernie's were worth their weight in ........ limestone, excellent.