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Annual Caving Meet - Richard Toon

The annual caving meet went ahead as usual, the day being fed by a big breakfast with a fine rewarding dinner in the evening!! Pity I didn't take the camera - Stuart in his pink boiler suit, with "L" for "large boy" was a sight to see!!

This year, the pot was pretty dry and the outside temperature was mild, with no wind. So we didn't freeze! LMC participants were fewer than for many years - Stuart and Ann, John and me, Jason (and Jo on surface watch), Graham, and Sarah.

We did a couple of abseils but no ladder climbing. Out through "Wretched Rabbit" which we have squeezed before.

We had a few other folks from Bury and the Peaks making up the party, including a couple of young lads, keen as mustard and already quite accomplished cavers. As ever, Steve at Bernie's cafe did us a good deal on gear. And once again many thanks to Stewart for leading us along.