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Written by Jonathan Bond (aged 10!?) crazy parents!?!

It was a mild day at Frogatt climbing wall as I was about to do an extreme called “Long John’s Slab”. As I started the extravagant ascent I placed both feet on a miniscule edge and set one hand upon a horizontal edge and pulled. I pulled with all my might and with a little help from the belayer got a little higher. On this second difficult stage of the climb my left hand appeared on a bending ridge. After several times I was unable to proceed. The belayer, John Harold, decided to help me up so I put both my hands on an almost sharp edge.

And so to the third and most difficult stage. I was up with both feet flat on the rock face, the fear set in. I might fall. The rope could snap. With what seemed super-human strength I set my hands on the freezing ridge and edged inch by inch closer to the almost impossible destination. Suddenly I slipped! My body slammed against the steel rock. After regaining balance, grasping at bits of rock or grass, sweating, my feet and hands gone numb, I was tired, tired of all tiredness. I still had more to do. I worked and my position slowly increased, John encouraging me. I thought it would never end but I was wrong. Minutes later I had both hands on the top and pushed up suspiciously easily. Now I had to find another hard route down, step after step, rock after rock.

When down I had two slugs of Vimto, flicked off my shoes and rested.

I felt very self satisfied. We all ended our amazing day at Frogatt.

But more climbing is yet to come.

An E3 is the hardest type of climb. Climbing grades go up to E11 which must be impossible yet I still want to find out.