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Giggleswick South - 17th Feb

Well rather a jolly day was had, by well - I didn't see the rest of the LMC apart from the morning where my old man and meeting Willy who had picked the new parking spot... "Have you sheeted?" now this was true, I had but I'm sure there was something different it meant!?! Alas my dad wanted to get there early so he could get on a bike ride in the afternoon. Wahoo look at the temperature is that true 0 degrees in the new found car park?

Alas Giggleswick is er South facing so does it really matter? Not really once you get on the rock it was quite nice. We managed to get the Costa Daurada training day complete. 10 routes in a day was the aim, which we managed to do. Stu and Nick turned up 1/2 hour later (well there time).

I've learnt that dynoing for small sharp limestone holds is bad, it rips your pads apart!?! So I can advise not to do this... However, taping it up and then climbing on it feels alright, but a tad painful.

I hope the early finishing pub crew had a good day as well, although we failed to see them!?! What a popular place Giggleswick is becoming as well, there seemed to be millions of people there, alas its early in the season but I often wonder whether that many people will be trad climbing come the summer... Suppose its each to there own et al...

David Toon