The LMC is a great way to get outdoors into the mountains with fellow walkers and climbers! Rock climbing, walking, mountaineering, skiing, mountain-biking and ice-climbing are activities enjoyed by members throughout Britain, Europe and the World.

New and prospective members are always welcome. If you would like to come along on one of our meets just contact us:

Upcoming Meets

An annual schedule of meets and a calendar of upcoming meets is published here on the website and also emailed out to members.

LMC 200 Club

The 200 Club has proved very popular in other clubs and groups and is now being offered to LMC members and their families and friends. It offers the chance to enter a monthly draw, with a guaranteed winner every month.

The member (or family/friend member) chooses to pay £5 per month by regular standing order payment and is allocated a number. They keep this number and their number is entered into each monthly draw, as long as the standing order remains valid.

Of course, more than one monthly ‘chance’ can be purchased, with a different number allocated for each £5 payment. So it’s a great opportunity to buy ‘chances’ for each member of your family or buy several ‘chances’ for yourself… SOMEONE WINS EACH MONTH AND IT COULD BE YOU!

The draw also helps the Club with fundraising, with proceeds each month split between LMC Club fundraising, and the winner. The winner receives a cheque for 30% of the month’s proceeds and 70% is retained in Club funds.

Each monthly draw will take place with at least 1 LMC Committee member and 2 other LMC members present, at the monthly social meet or regular climbing meet, and the winner’s name and winning number will be displayed on the LMC website each month.

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