Cae Ysgubor History

Hut History

Below is a collection of history from the build of our new hut in Wales.

Work started on the site in March 2010, hopefully you can see the progress below. We are hoping to complete all building in 2014.

At the EGM on the 18/11/2006 it was decided that the club would proceed with the proposal to exchange Cae Du for Cae Ysgubor at Bedgellert. More information will be placed on the website when it becomes available.

The following links show more information about the hut. Please note that plans may be subject to further amendment as the detailed design develops:

4th October 2014 – Grand Opening

Below are some pictures from the opening of Cae Ysgubor a couple of weekends ago. It was a fantastic day!! We were blessed with good weather and the food was plentiful and filling!!! Everyone had a great time and our two guests, Eric Jones and Daffdd Ellis-Thomas, were most charming. The hut is nearly ready for regular use – but we are awaiting a number of certification documents before it can be used by members and guests. Please be patient! There are still plenty of jobs to do though.

Hut in North WalesHut in North Wales

Hut in North WalesHut in North Wales

Hut in North WalesHut in North Wales

Hut in North WalesHut in North Wales

Hut in North WalesHut in North Wales

Outside Cladding

More progress with the outside cladding coming along nicely & the inside pretty much ready to go!

2nd Fix Electrics – Dave Sudell

We now have electric connected in the hut. We have also plasterboarded most of the hut now. Also some plastering has been done upstairs!





Plasterboard & electric connection shots

Some pictures of the hut with plasterboard up & mains electric – thank you Welsh Assembly!

Electric pole new hutRock Climbing Club

Mountaineering ClubWalking Club

Climbing ClubHut in Wales

New hut in Wales

Cae Ysgubor mains water – Richard Toon

Some shots from recent visits. Mains water is nearly installed!! The blue pipe runs from the main road, under the river, under the lane and to the hut. It will be connected to the mains at the road shortly. The first fit of electical wiring is in place. Some plasterboard has been fitted and, since these pictures were taken, most of the upstairs has been plastered.

Contractors will be completing the mains electricity connection next week and the stone cladding and bio-digester should be completed by the time of the Club dinner.

Climbing Club LancashireClimbing Club Lancashire

Climbing Club LancashireClimbing Club Lancashire

Climbing Club LancashireClimbing Club Lancashire

Further Update – Jim Cunningham

We are now well on the way with the last major job to be completed on a DIY basis – putting plasterboard on the walls. The electric wiring is now in place and all the stud walls are completed, so the shape of the rooms can be seen. The large kitchen/ lounge with the high ceiling look quite impressive. The electrical supply has been ordered and paid for, though we have not yet got a date for it to be fitted. Some work has been done on a connection to the mains water supply and we are ready to order a digester to sort out the sewage.

We still have about 40 man days of work to finish the plaster-boarding, but hopefully this will be completed by the end of August – if anybody gets back from holiday! Plasterers will then be employed to skim the walls and after this Will Wheale will complete the electrical fittings. We then have some internal and external plumbing and internal joinery to do, but nowhere near as much work as has been already completed.

In early August Chris, Jim, Graham, Peter, Kev and Ian made a two day visit, sleeping in the hut so as to get a 6.00 am start (or near). The floor was completed and most of the boarding done in one of the back bedrooms. Upstairs was completed and the woodwork on the stairs finished.

With the excellent news that Roger’s bid for a grant from Sport England was successful, the hut can be completed next year to a very high standard. However, there is still a lot of work to be done on boarding and we urgently need more workers to complete the work – CAN YOU HELP? YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU!

Welsh HutLancashire Mountaineering Club - Hut in Wales

22nd – 24th March – Jim Cunningham

Last week we completed the studding upstairs and lined the side of the stairway with plasterboard ready for the stairs to be put in. We also completed about half the slate floor and put in pipes for underfloor heating, which we plan to connect to an air source heat pump subject to our Sport England bid being successful. We also laid ducting for the electric cable which will provide our electricity. Thanks to the workers who toiled in freezing conditions – Edgar, Chris, Dave Fisher, Kev M, Jim, Dave Sudell, Dave Thistlethwaite, Nigel. Thanks also to Dave Medcalf and Kathy who not only slaved away but again provided accommodation for the workers. Our next meet will probably be May 7 to 10, though this is to be confirmed.

Hut in Wales - ProgressHut in Wales - Progress

Hut in Wales - ProgressHut in Wales - Progress

Floor Laying – Jim Cunningham

I attach 4 photos – the IMG 1544 was taken by Kathy Woodhead – she and a friend went round the day after we left to do some pointing. It was too wet when we left. We just had one day laying slate on our last meet and got about a sixth of it done, so it should be cracked on our next visit. The wall round the bathroom for disabled and the studding for the upstairs loo was also completed.

We need to mix about 6 tonnes of cement on our next visit (21 to 24th March), so if anybody is available and needs some exercise, particularly on Saturday, then they will be very welcome.

Lancashire Mountaineering Club - Hut in WalesLancashire Mountaineering Club - Hut in Wales

Lancashire Mountaineering Club - Hut in WalesLancashire Mountaineering Club - Hut in Wales

Beddgelert Hut Ready for Winter – Jim Cunningham

It is now sealed ready for Winter. In the last 3 day work session we:

  • Fitted all windows
  • Fit underground rainwater drainage at the back
  • Completed all gutters and downspouts
  • Completed the upstairs floor
  • Started to build the wall which will enclose the bathroom for disabled.

And lots of minor jobs.

The building is now watertight and all rainwater from the roof is safely delivered away under the road. We plan to have a rest now and return when the days are longer, in mid – February.

Thanks to Dave and Kathy, Dave F, Bernard and Josie, John Ratcliffe and Kev for efforts on site.

Also to Dave and Kathy for their hospitality.

Rock climbing hut in Wales
Rock climbing hut in Wales
Rock climbing hut in Wales

Progress report Cae Du – October 11th – 14th 2012

Earlier in the year we reported that we aimed to have a roof and windows in by October/ November. Well we are going to achieve that with a bit of luck by the end of October!

Despite some very wet weather at the end of last week the roofers achieved a great deal. Dave F and Kev spent 2 days installing 3 roof windows (though they had some problems with the IKEA style instruction sheet!!)

Slating went on apace and one of the 4 roof areas is finished, another is 3/4 done.

Slits in mid eave blockwork were cut and lead work installed. The President finished up looking like Mr Pastry (perhaps younger members will be puzzling – who?? – just Google it!!) and Brian refused to transport him until he had been dusted down!

In a fortnight we hope for a big turn out to finish the roof and also start/complete fitting windows. These are on site but all need painting before fitting (3 coats) so even if you don’t have a penchant for roof work there will be plenty of painting to do – possibly up to 36 person hours in total spread over the weekend.

Thanks to all the members who helped this weekend and we hope to see lots of new faces 25th – 28th October.

Climbing hut in Wales
Climbing hut in Wales

Hut progress at Cae Ysgubor up to end of September 2012

Since March of this year the hut has arisen a bit like the proverbial “Phoenix” from the foundation slab laid a year earlier.

In early August enough blocking had been done for us to arrange the first of two deliveries of steel beams and soon we had the recognisable outline of a building.

By the end of that month floor joists and roof rafters had been fitted at one end and then this week the rest of the roof rafters have been fitted, together with roof felting and battening ready for slating to commence on our next visit.

Windows are already on site plus the slates for the roof – so fingers crossed we are still on target to have the building watertight and weatherproof by the end of October.

The LMC wouldn’t have got this far without the support of so many of its’ members – those who have offered financial support, those who have given generously of their time both on and off site and those who have provided us with a dry roof and hot shower at the end of what has been sometimes a very wet day at Cae Ysgubor.

In the next update we hope to be able to show you a building with slated roof and windows.

Roofing workRoofing work

Roofing workRoofing work

A Step Further for the Beddgelert Hut – Jim Cunningham

We now have a roof! Well rafters on one end and both steel ridge beams in place.
Chris, Dave F, Richards Toon and Ramsden, Graham, John and Jim spent three days
fitting the rafters and building up the high gable walls, sometimes in heavy rain.
Thanks to all and to Dave and Cathy for again providing accommodation and helping
on site. The high end is now ready for the slates fitting. The next step is to hire
scaffolding so that the rafters to the lower roof can be fitted and the roof slated.
As usual many members are away for most of September, so it looks like the roof
will have to wait.

We are on track to seal the building in October or November however. We will have
spent a total of about £22000 for materials to reach this stage, plus the
cost of the foundation. Fund raising is very necessary, so please make sure you
sell (or buy) your tickets for the Balloon Race.

Building Meet, Beddgelert Meet, 24th to 27th May – Richard Toon

Brilliant weather meant much progress over last Thursday to Sunday. The first steel
beams are now in place; the internal walls are partly built; the ditch for the main
drain and the trench for the water pipe are partially completed; the campsite is
ready for grass seed. Next time, the wooden rafters for the first floor can be installed
and temporary flooring laid to enable the final walls to be completed, ready for
two more steel girders. Then the roof can be constructed. We are on target to complete
a water-tight building this year. We did have a fun BBQ on Saturday night at Borth
y Gest also!!

Building Meet, Beddgelert Meet, 26th to 29th April

Again excellent progress was made on the hut. We have laid over half the blocks
and are at lintel height in the single storey part of the building. All the materials
were moved onto the site (about 20 tonnes) and a camp site was prepared with steps
and a winding path leading to it! Despite the forecast the weather was reasonable.
Thanks to everyone who helped and to Dave and Cathy (Medcalf) for letting us stay
at their house despite being away. About 13 people slept there one night.

Helpers were: Nigel and Jane Lyle, Bernard and Josie, Mark and Janette, John, Kate
and Dave, Jason and Joanne, Sarah, Graham, Dave and Julie, Richards Toon and Ramsden,
Pete (from Red Rope), Roger Finn, Dave Fisher and Jim.

The photos show the inside of the hut and the view from our newly laid campsite.

Building Meet, Beddgelert – March 22nd to 25th – Jim Cunningham

The hut at Beddgelert has finally started to take shape after a year’s delay due
to planning problems. About 800 blocks were laid, a quarter of the total needed.
The weather was perfect and despite a slow start due to rusty skills and complex
radon protection measures our target of four courses was achieved.

We had over 30 tonnes of supplies delivered, but unfortunately the delivery lorries
were not able to reach our site, due to a narrow exit from the campsite. This meant
all materials had to be unloaded on the campsite, about 50 metres from our site
and then transported by wheelbarrow. We had sufficient labour to transport the materials
used, but there is still a lot on the campsite.

Labour was largely provided by retired members – Jim, Dave F, Chris, Nigel, Ian,
Edgar, Richard, John, Graham and Cathy. Mark and Janette and Robert Smith and Katie
joined us at the weekend. In total about 30 person days of hard labour were put
in – thanks to everyone. Thanks also to Dave and Cathy who provided accommodation.

Our next Meet is from Thursday, 24th to Sunday 27th of May and volunteers are needed.
If you can find time, even if it is for one day only, then please contact Jim Cunningham.
We do need younger members, especially with trowel skills, who can turn up at weekend.
This is terrific training for climbing!

Foundation Construction – Getting the Blocks In – 11th Feb 2011

Further progress has been made on the foundations at the hut. These are now practically
done after a day of hard graft by the none SAGA members of the LMC! Thanks to everyone
who helped at the weekend. Special thanks for Cathy & Sarah for feeding us, and
putting up with us!

The next phase of work is to start building the walls!

Please remember that this build can’t happen without your generous support;
with both time on site – helping the building & money!

Beddgelert Hut News – 17th – 18th November

Foundation Construction – 20th to 22nd October 2010

Report on Beddgelert – 29th to 30th Sept 2010


Nigel and Tony Lyle(Tony was specially imported from New Zealand), Mark B, Chris
W, Bernard, Dave Fisher, Jim C

  • Plywood for shuttering supplied and cut to size and by a specialist firm in Darwen
    at a good price – Bernard towed this down.
  • 20 tonnes of quarry waste delivered
    to site.
  • Trench hand dug to bedrock at back RHS – about 8 metres.
  • About
    24 metres of trench hand dug around the piles. This more or less completes the excavation
    needed for the ground beam.

Weather was warm and dry until about 4.00, when rain started. It rained heavily
all night.


Chris, Bernard, Dave and Jim

  • Four of us bailed for about 40 min to expose the bedrock at the bottom of the trench.
  • Building inspector arrived and agreed that concrete could be poured on the bedrock
    to build it up to ground beam level. He was also helpful on the next steps needed.
  • Met concrete lorry on the main road. He tried to reach the site from the Copper
    mine end but could not negotiate a bend about 150 m from the site, so back and through
    the campsite.
  • 1.5 cubic metres of concrete delivered. His chute would only reach
    the trench closest to the road, so it was dumped there.
  • Four of us spent about
    2 hours moving the concrete to the back and side trench where it was needed. There
    was lots left and some was used on the car park.
  • We practiced placing the shuttering
    in the trench closest to the road. It looks like we can do this relatively quickly.
  • Dave measured to work out how much steel we now need for the shorter ground beam.

The weather got better as the day went on – it was sunny in the afternoon.

Conclusion: A very successful 2 days. It looks like we can complete the ground beam
on the 21th and 22 nd of October if we can get a big enough team on site. Thanks
to everyone, especially Tony, who was our champion big boulder remover.


  • We probably won’t have water problems now unless the rain is torrential.
  • We need power on site next visit. Chris is researching a generator to buy and also
    a cement mixer.
  • We need at least 8 people on site when the concrete is poured,
    probably on Friday, 22nd Oct. We shifted about 4 tonnes in 2 hours. Next time there
    will be about 25 tonnes. With steel in the beam it won’t flow easily along, so much
    will have to be shifted by hand.
  • The building inspector suggested it might be
    easier to put the digester next to the stream on the building side of the road,
    with discharge straight into the stream. We need to research this and reach a decision
    on where we put the drains before the beam floor is put in.

Jim Cunningham

 Progress at Cae Ysgubor – September 2010

Further progress has been made over the summer months, after the previous update
in May. The piles (foundations) have now been inserted in to the ground. These are
awaiting the concrete slab to be poured.

Welsh HutNew Hut in North WalesLancashire Climbing ClubRock Climbing

Progress at Cae Ysgubor – May 2010

Nigel, Cathy and I have had a very successful couple of days working on the Cae
Ysgubor site. We hired a digger/breaker [with driver] and a dumper from John Roberts
& Co of Ffestiniog, and Nigel borrowed a laser level from his neighbour.

Work done:

  • ALL the old foundations have been removed and trenches have been dug for the new
    foundations on three sides. The fourth side is left in place to allow access by
    the pile equipment, but will be [relatively] easy to dig out as it’s on the peaty
    end of the site.
  • The locations for the piles have been marked and the depth
    of the trenches has been levelled for the positioning of the beams between piles.
  • The site area has been levelled ready for the floor to be laid on the beams.
  • The old foundation rubble [masses of it!] has been used to bring the car park area
    [across the road] up to road level, and smoothed enough to allow cars to be parked
    now, though a surface will be required to finish the work. There is probably space
    for five cars now, and there will be more when we move the pile of ‘facing stones’
    from the old walls of the barn/cottage. Plus the spaces on the ‘hut side’ of the
    road, of course.
  • Thanks to Cathy, the vegetation from the area on the other
    side of the ‘car park’ stream has been cleared. When we dig the hole for the bio-digestor,
    the material can be used for levelling this area which could make a small camp site.
  • The site has been ‘secured’ to stop passers from falling into the foundation trench
    alongside the road.

Overall we were very impressed with the skill and hard work of the John Roberts’
driver [Gwynne] and would recommend using the firm [and asking for Gwynne] for any
future digging/clearing work. The final result certainly exceeded my expectations
and, thanks to Nigel’s professional surveying and direction, the site is now ready
for the pile and beam installation. It now looks like a ‘proper site’ on which progress
is being made.

David [Qualified and experienced Dumper Driver]

Starting the JobNew Hut in North WalesProgressNorth West Climbing ClubNorth West Climbing ClubDavid the Dumper DriverLancashire Climbing ClubMountaineering HutRock Climbing Club HutLevelled Site

20th – 21st March 2010 – Working Weekend – Cae Ysgubor

Work started on the site over the weekend of 20th – 21st March.

The existing structure was knocked down, and old foundations have started to be
removed from the site. These where not adequate for the proposed building. The weekend
also saw several drainage ditches created, cleared and improved upon. Other general
clean up of the site was undertaken.

A big thank you to everyone that attended and gave a helping hand.

First working weekendFirst working weekendFirst working weekendFirst working weekendFirst working weekendFirst working weekend

Welsh Hut Update – Container on site

We now have a container on site at the Welsh hut. Rumours are that all the Committee
are to be locked inside until the new hut is built!!!

Thanks to Mark Braithwaite for arranging the loan of the container.

Now work can commence!!

Container arrivingContainer arriving

Contract Exchange Complete

The contracts have been exchanged. Please do not try to gain access to the old hut
or try to stay there, it is no longer our property.