COVID-19 :

Due to Coronavirus precautions, BUNKHOUSES have recently re-opened – but visitors do remain subject to local COVID19 precautions.

Following government advice in combating COVID19 (16th March 2020), LMC were placed in the unenviable position of cancelling all forthcoming meets. These have now recommenced.

Back in March we sadly closed the huts, and upcoming external bookings were cancelled. Well now the huts are open again, with the proviso that local COVID precautions continue to be observed!

The rules around people using the huts are a bit different from before – the new normal is as follows:
• You must book prior to visiting the huts – do not turn up on spec – you will not be allowed in. Bookings are to be made by sending an email to – attaching the relevant form (see below).
• The huts will only be available to book Thursday night to Sunday day. Please leave on Sunday – we need 72hrs between visits – this helps the virus disappear
The Loft will have a capacity of upto 4 people from the same household
Cae Ysgubor will have a capacity of upto 4 from the same household per room. We have designated 3 separate rooms. So upto 12 people
• Sign in – everybody has to sign in – please add your mobile number
• Do not turn up if you are symptomatic with Covid19 – cancel your booking
• If upon return from the hut you subsequently contract Covid19 – please inform the via email immediately
• Please ensure that you read through the appendix and understand the cleaning required

• Please read through the attached documents, including the appendix and sign the relevant document when booking. You use the huts at entirely your own risk – we hope the measures we’ve put in place reduce the risk to you and your family of contracting Covid19 – but we cannot completely mitigate them.
Please follow the current Government Guidelines – remember these are country specific – Wales have differing guidelines from England.

Please remember that the Government Guidelines change – so please ensure that you know the latest guidelines for the relevant country you are visiting.

Please support each other during this difficult time as I am sure you will. A frequent call with those who are most at risk and having to stay isolated would go a long way.

David Toon